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Back To Basic! Start A New!

I've been having bad mood lately, because of the “block” things! I need time to adapt, no more interact with these people again! – One of my favorite pastimes, just like this! (
They don’t believe in science, logical, the secrets that behind the scene (Just like magic tricks!) can actually stop your pulse and your breathing!
Drugs/Ancient Crafts (Most hidden from public! Hope never fall into the wrong hand! Or there’ll be more rapists! Or, just use it as a purpose to change destiny/identities*)
Subconscious mind can ease your pains without any drug!
• Doctors misjudge! (Like reckless drivers, even they’re professional!)
• Or just diseases, malfunction in their body! (Slow responding!)

You’ll never enjoy the discovery, when you see the truth in your eyes. People died in tragic will come back alive! 

My soul till connected with my body! I can breathe!
Simply I will comment this! No more “long” logic speech! They don’t like it!
“One of the common things they had. None of them went through “Autopsy” completely!” – Who will have the strong “will” to survive, return back to their messed body, since humans like pretty things? I rather search for the better one, elsewhere! Change my identity! Just like my (Great Dream!) “Don’t blame me, can’t protect your body!” When I told about “Autopsy Practices” to my “static” traditional mum! Our authorities’ laws! – Their technologies not so high-tech, they must cut through it! And take photos of your dead body! This is our moralities in our society! It upset her! But till no effect, she till continue praying! – Her believe! (*Don’t be so happy! Warning to the rich got money to pay any! Someday, somebody will dig out your grave what you buried!)

I’m lost the interest in conversation. No point “sharing” meaningless talks, as they can play cheat! (My Petty Static Minded Followers!) will attack me, whatever I talk! – Playing “thumbs down” game with me, without identifying themselves!

I heard people called me an Alien/nut/disease, and blamed me for losing their comments! Are your comments very big, talking with MP? Mine bigger and longer, and powerful than yours, just a link to show a lot! Can’t blame me, I don’t understand your Alien’s Laws! So I continue doing it! Since they didn’t respond! Even I’d emailed to my important parties again! No need identify myself, they‘ll recognize me! I can sense them, knew where I live! *Don’t try to act like me! Or you’ll be fined or ended up in jail! I very different from yours! I’ve been in “IMH” for a month, very expensive holiday trip! Even I provoked them, they will spare me! – Can I don’t vote! Because I’m a nutty! Perhaps, I should send them a shorter message “I’m lost interest in your politics! I (Vote For Nothing!) My life till didn’t improve at all! I’m bullied! + Neglected! + Rejected! + Hopeless! in my “hypocrited” society! My community not there for my needs! They didn’t solve any!”

Basically, we only have 1 source in our community! We have no choices!
My appetite changed! Back to “basic”, no more talks, just watch people talks! May only comments in my blog, or share it to Facebook! Not the “fake” open public discussion, my comments can block! Now, I’m talking to program, written by human beings! *Wonder somebody working behind the scene writing to me. Why so accurate, huh? Now made me stressed in writing!
(Please don’t make fun of my cartoon character. I just want to remember my Miss Pinky and the sad Moon of me!)
Willing take a new challenge my dear inventors, please invent an app for me, “Moon, don’t talk, I talk for you! Convert your speech accepted by all!” Can fulfill my dream for an Alien like me? Basically, I’m a hermit, who only talk to myself, talk to walls, the air, talk to my playmates (pets), talk to my plants and non-human begins! Perhaps, the humans want me return to be a hermit, hide me forever! I’m ready!

Start a new again! Learning “add people” from other sources that won’t block! Who only response me nicely, or similar like me! – “Extinct” species! Now, Moon doesn’t blog so frequently. Since you Aliens cannot digest! Make you wait… wait… wait! Make you miss me lot! Moon, very busy! 24 hrs not enough for me! So many sources to entertain, lor!

Competitions will improve a lot! Why humans don’t work as a team, create a biggest community on Earth, combination of “all” sources, with “one” identity! – Created so many accounts, need to log-in “many!” Aliens like me, don’t know which sources the best! They always missed something! Humans made things so “complex”, and are “insincere”; an individual can create so many identities!


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