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Another The Copycat! The Idiot!

Another copycat found on the web copied my speech! ( Converted my speech using his own thinking – Good example talk bad words about others! Practiced in most companies! But only read the introduction of me, not my real life stories!
Moon reply to WhiteDwarf Star

Don’t you ever came across anything that written so long, blah blah in a complicated, boring way, but actually can written very short and simple that can understand by all! If you a listener, which one you prefer? Animal experiment again can proof it all, most preferred with feeling in simple and short, or there will be question marks in the air lots! – More loopholes, more yawning!

I’d been through Recruitment Agencies – Adecco/Recruit Express Pte Ltd/Kelly Services/ Excellent HR Pte Ltd/L&H Human Resources Specialists Pte Ltd/Mass Power Services Pte Ltd …… Same for all mostly! Written my details in their applications but no response! (Bad Companies Play Evils: Hate Job Interviews! / Discrimination: Got Pains With No Gain!)

And some companies didn’t hire me, but always ask for my photo. Perhaps for porn purposes! – threatening porn photos! Or use your photo for other identity purposes! Be careful! Or they just having bad memories cannot remember anyone interviewed! Only show these companies insincere! (Bad Companies Play Evils: Take Notes!)

Everything cost! Unless you’re rich, don’t bother how much it cost because you can afford! I guess you must have income or job, or somebody feed you lor! Or you wouldn’t say that! Hope you had Depression someday, bad things happen to you soon! – The curses from the sufferers who had experienced it!

Moon reply to Ericson

Hire machines better work for you, kill all human races! So no complain! Don’t you complain too! Every living thing will complain! Even plants too! If you do try to understand them!

No offence copied your article, but I didn’t change the way you thinking! What “WhiteDwarf Star” had did to me! Just in case, you remove it! I’d met some cunning deleted their blog comments, changed their identities when I replied to them! Wonder they’re belonged to terrorists trying to destroy the peace!

I know you don’t like Singaporean. I read your blog (

I also don’t like them too, and all who had bullied me before! Depression is not lazy! You should study lot! I had been work more than 12 hrs before, study and working at the same time and lost my sleep! That’s how I get depression easily! Life is meaningless just work lots with no play, no time for my hobbies! Only go home and sleep! Especially single people like me! They have a lot of burden! They’re stressed! No want share their problems! Or there’s no people abused, commit suicide exist!

(I had seen people fainted and died in exhaustion! If you do experiments on any animals, they will stress, give you a lot of piss and poo! And they’ll die easily! Use your common sense please!)

Use your common sense who dares to talk these days to lose your job! Enemies are everywhere! Only prepare to die you dare to talk! Only if my boss is my truly friend, I would not lose job! Hard to find “good” company give me healthy and happy, room for improvement! Most people are self centered! They’re good in acting, lazy to help and bootlicking! Or I wouldn’t be at home for long!

You know Singapore is the most easier to be attacked! Because people who work 12 hrs, their alertness are not that high, their minds fall asleep easily! Because I’ve seen it before! And Singapore is not united even I’d tried to complain and protest my unhappiness, send to MPs! (My Third Try) No one care, unless you’re a terrorist! (Broken Promises: Join The Terrorists!) Or I wouldn’t write until now! Go ahead talk bad words about me, send my blog links to Governments related if you want to get even with me!

If I’m stressed, want to complain, just write in my blog to stress out my feeling, my thoughts, simply no protest in the street! And only if, I can access to the world lor!

This article reminded of evils! Actually there’re a lots in “bad” companies! That the reason why I believe in Sin! But be wise put all their names in the public, make them shame! Safe for all to keep away! Evil men don’t protect women, they’ll destroy their happiness! Justices don’t exist! Only in my dream!

What a very natural beauty, can’t enjoy to see her happy any more! If I have her angel face, jobs will approach me!

Written this just in case I met another “The Copycat! The Idiot!” like to stress me! As we’re Programmed! differently! Never feel to think others’ shoes! Because your life is good, better than me! Hope someday your life will change to bad too! For those who so free to talk! – Just talk, without feel! (Some my links indicated here, for you!)

I till sucking my mother milk because I lost my wings. I can’t fly any more!


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