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Our Lessons For Your Future!

Singapore turned bad! Humans dishonest and insincere indeed these days… Last year, my mum bought a new washing machine to replace an old one that had lasted for 8 years… But, the new wasn’t smelled new! Missing a part and got scratches!
Trouble me pressing a lot of numbers, directed to customer service operator to complain! Blogging so damn good… Just said a magic word, “I blog you! Animal will behave properly exchanged a new one for me! It really works for famous companies who care about their images! I till trusted the company because it provided good and ‘quick’ service! Though, they hired ‘black sheep’ to con people, especially old folks!

Same thing happened, re-contract SingNet BroadBand! Received a faulty Wireless Modem, and a SIM card expired in April this year! Called service, expected change a new one. But, they did ‘swapping’ with a few Modems! – Mainly used or old batch! (Got dust/scratches/dull colors and old serial numbers!) The technician didn’t label the errors on the faulty Modems returned back! – These were my free gifts from Singtel provider this year!

Our Government also made mistakes, and slow… to fix! Errors can delay for more than a month! Date of Assessment Results printed wrongly in my Print Transcript!
So easy went viral over the Internet, but never reach me!
Perhaps, they’re warning me ‘Stop posting!’ Boy Boy you should said, “Young men got raped in Army, so they commit suicide!” Just study the animals’ nature! – So easy to catch the guy, but not approaching helps to me!

Most idiots fooled easily by media, without thinking. Everything they believe! Mine not hoax! Media always checking what I typing, every time give me white screen! I’m having hard time posting in public! They blocked me!

So long never change till behave the same ( 狗改不吃屎!Dogs can’t live without shit!  Hypocrite website not for all, why not ban?
Note: Public is not public actually! Always thought angels watching me! Whenever I send signals, they will come and rescue me! That’s disappointed in social media not linked to everybody! – Looking for my parts same as me, so...Difficult leh!
Hello media! I know you can see me talking and controlling everything!

Promote for me my government cover their asses, 100% guarantees! Sent for help, no one care! (Sacrificed Your Life! / Nuts In My Company Driving Me Nut!) Singapore not united, I feel disgrace! I can only help embarrassed them!

Stop talking about our ‘Civil Defence’ or Security in Singapore! I will “Hah! Hah! Hah!”
Within one day can destroy everything, if you’re a real wars expertise!

Hope you’re PAP! Congratulation you got bullied! Don’t be shock, I felt the pains too!

Compassion? Only will appear in media broadcasting! 人不如动物 lots of people caring! In future, keep pets as our children! I predict!

We had lost our high standards and morality! Our Government invited Barbarians flourishing here! That’s their solution! Singapore had no hopes! 我国没救!放弃吧!
Budget raised for older S’porean workers, but employers’ productivity is to reduce cost and helped their employees earning lesser! Managers forced my mum took annual and unpaid leaves! Now, she so free… expressed her anger, nagging!
Low income group no fair benefits, stingy MC given and unfair messy deployment! No one share the burden! Now, managers and foreigners have the privileges enjoyed benefits taking advantages earning more than low income group and bullied old folks treated them like maids at work! 

Who those two irrational animals keep on clicking me wherever I go!

I have loyaltybad dogs’ never give up biting me! Like my pet never let go!

My Obsessive-narrow-minded arrogant stubborn religionist followers (lazy search for the truth!) cannot be cure! They will kill, made fun and played prank on people plight! May impersonating locals in Stomp! It was meaningless going on engaging in arguments or debating, won’t stop, like getting a fight!
Copy their styles bullying others, these you can’t learn in school! Use them to discouraging the weak and your hypocrite enemies! Hypocrited Gods created Hypocrited animals! That’s why never encouraged to breed in Singapore! Their words don’t sound nice! I’m helping them stained with blood, can go to ‘Hell’ heaven! Amen! Thanks them for helping others decided ‘Abortion’ after recommended seeing them! “Take a look! Your children will pollute and murdered by them, someday!” At least my method work! Birth rate low! Not created another sufferer living in hate, like me! More wise people don’t give birth! Keep pets better!
Our barbarians like to mention mirror, suited for them for seduction their bosses! Because they looked unnatural! I no need that thing improve my memories! Just play memories games enough for me! I have many trophies of victory, no place to put! When can I expand my land? Left the only High Score on Earth… Come VS me, please!

Hard to see many nice and wise people participating in Stomp. But, I till like talking online, answering and asking a lot of questions study the Humans, sharing at other sides!
Sun’s comments not serious than my bad dog used very "Strong words" on social media.
At least, he’s honest introduced our Singapore, but not better than me! Truly “There are more barbarians than humans here in Singapore! Our Singapore National Anthem and Pledge sounded contradictory in our hypocrite society, created by self-centered not in English version... for his own people, poisoning us by reciting with no feeling!

Singapore doesn’t have such great star performer talented that can touch my heart and my Soul..!

Our Culture on Earth!

So what, anyone got Merits! They will lose their skills and remember nothing of them, when old or dead! 虛假脸孔, like Advertising! My Government did nothing good for me!
Negatives overwhelming! A few ease me! Too few humble FTs with high morality invited in! I only found a good one last year, willing to share! He’s from Malaysia and became citizen (PRC) here. He shown me his proofs taught me how to save money get benefits from “Chinese Development Assistance Council” for study SII courses! Total family income must not over $1700! But, many documents need to give! Something I should be proud of, I’m a Chinese!

Unlike, North East Community Development Council” always Unsuccessful! Perhaps, non-Chinese officers attended me! They pretend helping the needy, didn’t recommend any packages suit for my family needs! Our Government doesn’t approach to help us all…

We Singapore should learn from them, solved problems quick! Good Customer Service! Very impressive!


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Another Employability Camp by E2i, 5 days @ELITC (Preparation to work in cleanroom @Edwards Lifesciences. A lesson sew on paper to roughly understand the concept!) But no train us handle 'Discriminations' should include in future! - The longest the course, greater the pains! One month long holiday! Pass for certs. again. Not for job!

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