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Secure? Not Secure!

Our education sucks! No discount! Security courses start from “basic”, same for all! So, no needs to study lots!

Thick notes sheets given (More than 50 pages!) with no Contents to refer had to search through all! Texts were small not easy to read, scenarios scattered here and there (PowerPoint slide show format!) Too many things to remember and record! No resting day, continue trainings and tests! Only good about SII (Security Industry Institute) can postpone the test another week, if you’re not ready! But, I rather they’ll spare me a day to study! “No formal education”, not good in English, actually not suitable. Because they will confused and failed easily!

I hated the notes sheets using “Big” words cited from laws!
This is called “Languages Revolution!” created by the higher-ups want to make a different! Most common people don’t understand at all! On earth, the wise people’s speech must be very long, can write into books, the longer the better! But no one is wise to make it short! Perhaps me, if I understand what you mean! I will simplify for you, just few words only! – It means, “If that person no resist when you “touched” him, then easy to arrest him. If he resisted, then use lawful means!” Actually, I had no idea what the lawful means is, didn’t explain! I guess violence” is used (watched from TV!) In my logic, I won’t touch, because there’re some animals don’t like to be touch, just like my hamster pets, some are very sensitive to touch! I rather my backup men do the job, men have too much strength!

Video camera will shoot at me during all tests (must be men’s pervert idea, they like shooting!) Feel hungry waiting my turn (Max. waited 4 hours!), cannot concentrate use the time to study, too noisy! I had my own pronunciation in English, even the men in class laughed at me! Hate my hand writing, stuck in a body wasn’t mine didn’t use pen for long time… And die without PC, cannot spell correctly!

I need proof! See! No respond! Retarded!

I almost failed my tests, not enough sleep studying the silly things! Actually, I knew the answer, just confusing! Somehow, the assessor will confuse me using other words talked differently from the notes sheets! Tested me, “Who the “Priority” to assist?” I think of “bosses” in 1st place, because they’re the “Importance” rich people controlled me all the time! The assessor gave me a second chance, stressed a bit of his voice “Assist!” Then, I remembered help the “Weakest” links! – The old, the children, those who are weak!

Confused me again, jumping from 1 scenario to another, and not doing together! I forgot the wallet (for a scenario) because it blended in with the table – Black! Cannot see even it placed near me! Lucky, the assessor playing Goldfish game (moving his lips) gave me tips! I had my eyes checked after I completed all my tests! My eyes sights degree increased again. Handicapped wearing Specs!

There were mistakes in the notes sheets. Cannot ask a lot, or the class will never end! One of the scenario examples:

Die everybody! Not evacuate people 1st! Need to “wait” for police, then can make announcement, strange not the “Bomb experts” Feel like, all commercialized, written by unprofessional (Can put in junk room! Get “Free Sponsorship” like me, better!) Perhaps, that’s the reason humans died so easy, because we followed our leaders, our laws!

Role plays driving me nut! Not good in drama act! Need imagination, lack of experience! No dialog speech, need to record my trainer’s speech! I rather they question me with multiple choices. Not remember the whole ridiculous Role plays’ procedures! Act silly looking around while patrolling. Must say “Over”/“Roger out” to end my speech, using a dead walkie-talkie! Humans don’t have “Senses” to feel I had finished talking! So disappointed the lessons not so real, not all can be touch and feel. Just knowledge! In the end, till need to be trained in the company I work, learning the real things… (Advice! Must follow their specs and rules, not your logics! There’re people in “Degree” failed their tests, too! If you’re good in acting or have good imagination, join Security!) Should provide “Video CDs training/Online” show me the real actual acting, can replay any time, and improve my performance! Then, take my tests if I’m ready! No more repeated trainings in classes, weekly! Waste resources, time and money! Had feedback to them when survey! Just in case, I failed the silly tests! – Blame me! Perhaps, I the one can reduce jobs opportunities! So don’t give many births!

In my 1st licensing module tests, my assessor made me nerve, because he looked like a Japanese death executioner! He had failed my classmates all before me! Made me stressed, I want to piss! He added my mistakes in code form (I don’t understand) near the Signature area in my “Assessment Record” sheet, even didn’t ask for it! (Men habit like to leave souvenirs!) Cannot argue, or he’ll give me trouble more! – Long-winded, made me miserable… Anyway, I was hungry, stressed didn’t want to talk. As long I passed the silly tests, I don’t care anymore!

The qualities for security not that high, the men in my class can speak “vulgar languages!” Talk like this person, following me in Stomp! (Help me promote “Believe In Sin!”)

Common singing in Hokkien, and those who stained by them! Even my neighbor’s kids singing it too! Spoiled their appearances and the name of their religion school near my neighborhood! Again, (Parents: The Root Of The Problems!) polluted their children, because they also singing too!

Men in my class also… smelly, they can smoke! Ring tones in the air, lack of discipline! Only adorable when they disagreed during Role plays practice, watched them arguing their right thing! – Confused me too, should we follow our trainer, or the damn notes sheets!

Weird in everything! Some people send by their companies without license can work in security for long. – Never happened to me, no connection relationship! Left out from my society! And those late for class and spoke vulgar languages, can also pass! But, not for those who never gave up, pay ($) again for retest, poor old people failed again for making mistakes! – Depended on assessors, how kind they are! Even our 4 Presidential candidates yellow skinned weird too, all needed written notes help them to read during the “Presidential Candidate Broadcast” speech! – None of them can remember by heart! But two acceptable can speak quite well in mandarin. Other one cannot speak needed a translator to speak for him, another one (the hair in White!) had big problem reading his mandarin speech! – The Chinese people must have laughed at us our mandarin really sucks, cannot speak naturally! Strange about this world, everything changed! Cat don’t sounded and looked like cat, dog don’t sounded and looked like dog, and mixing colorful animals! Complicated these days! How to be a good security, so many suspicious! – Never taught in my lessons!

In my 2nd licensing module, my trainer had an Asia Indian look, but no India accent and no India name. I finally found someone remember things by heart! He had great senses for weakness! Afraid he can read my thoughts! He’s really good… in English, sounded like Caucasians from the west! I named him Mr. “Clear”, because he always said the “Clear” thing in his professional army way! He gave ‘shorter’ Samples notes sheets not more than 10, organized with questions and answers (Not like the thick notes sheets, questions and answers scattered everywhere!) Impressed me, he’s old but can talk very fast for all scenarios, walkie-talkie Role plays! I catch no ball! Perhaps, the old man was showing off to the young people cannot compete with him at all!

The spirits till in me, even I’m old! Boredom caused me sleep, but I always alert when you call! 
Lucky, I passed my 1st licensing module tests, similar Role plays but sillier! Trained by a “happy-go-lucky” trainer with moderated speech, able for me to catch up, lor! But strange, his class failed the most! Perhaps starting, students not yet prepare!

I know (Team Work) and Leadership, but in Singapore I can’t feel any! – They’ll get rid of the weak and their enemies! What’s really impressed me deeply! Mr. Clear dared to take discipline action on an arrogant chap can speak vulgar languages, always came late in class near noon, never seem him punctual! Curious, no one punished/corrected that fellow; let him passed the 1st licensing module tests! – Might be somebody rich son! No one dared to touch! But, Mr Clear dared to postpone that fellow taking test! – Extinct species! 1st time seen on live! Mr. Clear shown he’s the boss, taught about “Leadership!”

Mr. Clear also good in discouraging speech talking about terrorists how they achieved their goals – Bombs! We, the security officers died in the front line, lor! – So, respect the security officers, they’re dying for us idiots! (Good to be dead, life is suffering!) Yet, this world filled with stupid people “low IQ” terrorists who any how targeted the common people, without thinking they also helped the higher-ups promote their good things! Who will truly care if they’d died! No one will remember the common, the poor the cheap lives! If I’m a terrorist, I’ll target the rich people’s heart, their loved ones in their graduation ceremony! So, they had nothing to brag about their achievements, only their dead children! Show I capable killed the leaders (the kings!), teach them the lessons! – How come they have bright future while I always ended up in stupid jobs! (My Evils went wild again in my imaginations! – Read the evils thoughts might help you solve problems! – Save lives, lor!) We should think another side, most people wasted money and their efforts, didn’t make good use of their lessons, just showing off or complaining, lor!

Just like the “Norway bomb attacks” incident! No one stopped him even he had blogged publicly! That’s interesting! But strange, he didn’t plan to run away! Perhaps, he’s willing to take the responsibility, become fame! Made me remember him, his unique way! Something we’re in common – Social imbalance in our societies! Lack of love… and kinship…! Happiness not in our category! Another lonely Moon on Earth thought of crazy things!
I don’t feel secure, evils troubling me! Pain me to tears see the overcrowding people. Reminded me people rushing hurted my toe during the Security Courses, scheduled long… crashed with peak! Student like me added burden to the traffic! No one happy travelling not at ease! Didn’t feel cool in Buses and MRT trains! So uncomfortable stood so close with strangers so long… I’m not yet married, rubbing butts against each other! So disadvantageous..! And can smell the humans’ heat, everthing! Our stupid bus drivers cannot drive fast and smoothly, poor in driving! Perhaps, they enjoyed passengers onboard falling! Overcrowding, I couldn’t get in! Actually, I had to ‘fight’ to get in! – missed 2 trains! So terrible, these days!

Tips: No need to rush, lookout for anyone in motion, walk behind them get out of the situation getting stuck in Bus/MRT train. Animals! Learn lessons, stay away from humans with long hair can hit my face, carried big bag its corner can poked me, and humans wearing high heel shoes! – Dangerous and poisoning!

I’d to bear for a week after I had completed my tests, went to my polyclinic to fix my toe! A young doctor covered up his face with a mask, scared I had disease! He unwilling provide service to squeeze out the mass white tissue formed swelling in my infected toe! Didn’t help me save money, simply referred me to Changi General Hospital to seek medical treatment for a minor injury! Thinking of expensive cost and till had to pay for his consultation fee; I rather did it myself at home! – Should happy I didn’t die of heart attack without proper tools! With Antiseptic cleaner solution, ointment and tablets given (not free!), and enough of sleep, my wound coagulated and healed within 2 days!

Better reduce the fare, since I cannot enjoy my ride! Who pay for my injury? (
Overall the Security lessons learned, must have all the necessary tools with me, be a very “Busybody” inform/update my control all the time, during my duty. Record necessary things, any “abnormal” in my important books! Make sure everything is safe and secure, that all!

SII helped me register for Security licence online after I had passed my 2 basic licensing module tests. And made payment ($16) by AXS machine after that! Waited a week received a letter, told me I can apply security officer ID card! No need to fax my training records sheets (even the letter written it), as it recorded in their system already! Save me trouble searching for fax machine! And no need bother what to wear; they will put my current head in a neat uniform, I didn’t wear! Then, made payment ($20) to collect my ID instantly! But for Certificates, need to wait! What so special? No instant print! Our Government should provide convenience service. Troublesome in everything, long waiting, money suckers everywhere! Wonder need to pay fees again to renew my licence, since it newly established, no one reached 5 years time, yet!  

Sacrificed a lot, didn’t play games, too tired and sick! “FishVille” spoiled my moods, didn’t secure my fish let them sick and died so easy, even I had complained, all time! 


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