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Free Sponsorship Made Me Pains!

Glad! WDA Events Calendar improved! No relied on my career consultant through email! No response from her, since I posted (Our Government Eat Snake, Talk Craps!) Gimmick tricks again! – “Untrained applicants are welcome as training will be provided”. But, it wasn’t Free! No bonding for free training, scared I run away!
I double-checked the same course conducted in different companies; the private company I attended was much higher but shorter days in training about a week, compared to those 2 weeks to complete! And I heard got sponsor free!

I called North East Community Development Council asked for the actual price of the training and free sponsorship on 28 June 2011, they referred me to my current career consultant and passed my message to her. Since no response from her, I called again the next day to complain. Voicemail till existed for the higher-ups, never change! Perhaps, I don’t know use it, talking to a dead thing. So, no call even I had left a message with my phone number and name! Hard to contact their head, so I wrote in, on the 30th!

If you make calls, people treat you as nuisance easily, might give you empty promise because no proof! So they can (Intention To Run Away) Perhaps, no money “Incentive” motivate them, they slow down their pace, don’t bother the needy! – These our Singapore styles! Make me lost the trust! Don’t say I didn’t communicate! Must write in messages!

My career consultant called back immediately on the day I sent, trusted her again let her do the coordinating. But, made me waited for another week! Need approval to sponsor me free in security at the (Retarded Queue!) place, which took 2 weeks to complete!

Waited a week till no response from her, because she took MC! No leaving any message for me. So, she gave me a chance to write in complained again!

My career consultant called back immediately on the next day, said I need to wait… Don’t email anyone, only to her! A day later, a call from SII (Security Industry Institute) asked me for my unit number to send a confirmation letter. Funny asking me, not my career consultant who didn’t give her my address completely!

A week later I received the letter but only 1 module printed! Gave me trouble wrote in again to North East CDC! Hope somebody followed up her job, since no response email directly from her!

So, I clarified from SII. They told me they send modules separately by different weeks! – Waste papers and stamps! Not combining the 2 basic! And so disappointed, North East CDC only free sponsored 1/3 of the modules! Suppose to complete “6 modules” to obtain the ‘Certificate In Security Operations’, full qualification! – It’s similar like Facebook silly games. Tempt you collect all the parts to complete the whole thing to achieve something! If any accidents happened, blame the leaders want to earn more money! I didn’t study all modules!

Finally, my career consultant called me the next following week, signing the “Training Agreement” at their office, on 21st July! She explained SII just want to verify my address and it’s their standard “Slow” procedures that dragged me a month to start lessons! And explained that she was busy in her event and said needed my cooperation! – Too many people the problems, hard to handle! That’s their “Slow” procedures. So be patient, don’t panic! Or, they’ll stop sponsorship! Got training allowance (S$4/hr), only if you attended (8hrs/day) the whole training completely! But will deduct for the course fees (less than S$100 left for me), have to wait 2 months to get it! So calculative and slow… see my bank account book! And only sponsored me from here, no more! No recommendation! The rest upgrading would depend on the company I work for, or I pay my own, lor! See! (Parents: The Root Of The Problems!) Created me! Cannot survive…! Have to ask my poor old mother sponsor my trainings!

Poor customer service, they should receive proper training! Always causes “misunderstanding!” let me guessing, what’s happening! These were the reasons why our Government staffs deserved scolding for not helping properly! – Affluent S’pore residents verbally abused govt staff? ( They’re too slow to help and slow in upgrading me! What can you do, if our government also did wrong things? Perhaps, my career consultant’s birth character not compatible with mine. Every time I needed her help, my MC Queen wasn’t there for me! – Again, no response from her even I had completed my Security courses and tests last week. She’s on MC again! I guess the company I attended interview a month ago won’t hire me, because I didn’t pay for their training! I asked for free! Wasted my time and opportunities, cannot work short distant (10 minutes) walk away! – Just hate the horrible traffic in peak hours, so over-crowding!
Talk craps and “Slow” customer service! They are my servants having high pay than me! – PM Lee: CDCs must rise to growing challenges ( Old people need to come down take their free gifts, no free delivery service!
In case, they remove the photo in this link! (Our Singapore Government always shows their “Good” sides, and always tried to hide their “Bad” sides!)

Poor people ended up like this – Aunt arrested over death of five-year-old boy ( An epidemic of corpses in Singapore ( Where got our Government give us money to survive until we get job. Nothing is free, except this! Freak crash leads to ‘free rice’ in Ang Mo Kio ( No close bonding in our community actually. Must ask for it! Don’t blame Singapore people are very “Kiasu” (fear to lose), because our “People’s ‘Slow’ Action Party” (I named for them!) “Very slow” to serve their people, can drag you weeks, months or years to solve problems!

Don’t say Singapore people are self-centered – S’poreans have ‘unhealthy level of self-centredness’: SKM survey ( because our Government also money suckers! Their trainings not free! Didn’t improve my life instantly! Only made me became a “Certificates Collector!” Sheet of papers collected cannot proof my potential suit for any thing! And not all truly guarantee jobs! Feel worthless, having psycho effects in my society! No free sponsor, not worth it! – Learn my “Pestering skills” to get “Free sponsorship!” Just in case, failed the tests! Act fast a bit, our Government too ‘Slow’… they’ll drag you waiting!

So good… money spent on Non-needy! – SAF to arm new recruits with iPads
Not for needy like me, who had left behind high-technologies already! Why not Security practices that attracts more new recruits, since there’s a shortage, need to work long 12hrs shifts and longer (6) days! Better also hire handicapped people work in the Security make them more useful in our society! Show that our Singapore kind and more good-hearted workers needed in Singapore, no one is left out lor! (

Read my fortune cookie, again!
Prepare for future needs! Stop Worship of Humans! No Gods can help! Hurry, take up courses! Price always goes up, never goes down! Hope they don’t change too much! My Certificates outdated, not worth for a lifetime, all sorts of excuses! Wait till I died! You should be glad I give you free consultant of my real life experiences! I experienced retirement at early age, 20s! Living an “aimless” life! Sitting at home for very long time! And jobs never last long! – So, don’t any how give birth! If you can’t invest for your children future needs! These days, poor old parents can’t have their retirement early, till need to feed their children even when they’re old, like me! – Life will be so boring and stress…And what happened when you’re old, abandon lor! Singaporeans dying away from home ( These’re our moralities, in Singapore! – That’s my voice! Did you hear me!


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