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3 Days Training At KFC/Pizza Hut Call Centre: $3/Hr Only

27 Dec 2010 (Day 1)
Learn the rules, history, and food item names that make me pain pronouncing it, it’s alienated to me! All stated in the handbook that can make you fall asleep! Another trainer introduced of “one system” (Order system) – how to log-in (2 times!)/log-out and basic parts of the keyboard (functionality totally different use in school/home).

28 Dec 2010 (Day 2)
I had 3 buddies on the 2nd day (because they’re tired need to play ball game) – the trainer made me observed them how they work! All different way in taking orders using the system (show that their trainers must be different!), and different way in handling customers – confused me sometimes! Hate Buddy Training, not trainers teaching! Why need teachers/trainers for not doing their duties? Let their former students teach! Lost my voice on the 2nd days! Always need to ask the why things! I learned something bad from 1 buddy, don’t want handle call click “not ready!”

Just only on the 2nd day not happy, I discouraged by the trainer, she asked me to quit for not handle calls; I thought was a Buddy and Observation day! (Totally different written on the handbook – what we will go through the 5 days training! Another Bad Companies Play Evils: Take Notes!) My last buddy let me handle a call finally, a customer who really knew what to order (simple and easy!) I felt hot in my head not because I angry with the trainer, I felt too excited! – Talking to human on phone!

29 Dec 2010 (Day 3)
After taking Tests, had a 2 hours long break! Go to library had a rest in a quiet room, I found something interesting! I thought it normal for people to take a nap after reading, but there was someone patrolling around the premise waking up people who had fell asleep!

I came back before break, the trainer not teaching, Buddy again but only 1. I discouraged again by the same trainer, same things as on the 2nd day! If today I didn’t handle calls I have to quit and come back again to get my cash the next following months January! So arrogant! She seems like trouble me even I had given my bankbook account copy! She said is the company law – very special law for KFC/Pizza Hut Call Centre that hired most the sick and the handicaps to do the jobs!

Now I knew why my buddies didn’t let me handle so much call made me watched and listened to their talks, because they afraid I kana (sounded in Malay) their systems with their log-in name in it and might affected their performances! – $20 if they performed well!

This is not an easy job! It looks simple at start to idiots, but when you experienced it you will find a lot of flaws in the program! And you will start to ask why the programmer writers so unorganized! – Random alphabets make it hard to find the things! All by memorize it! No shortcut in names for address (must in full and good in spelling!) And the order system cannot recognize the calls, where it comes from (new customer!) The handbook doesn’t help much. Not like My New Handphone W995’s handbook/menu, I can learn how to operate it all by my own!

Long hours training with shorter days – 12 noon to 9pm on 1st and 2nd day, 1pm to 9pm on 3rd day! I should take MC just like other candidate – she missed a day can be spared! So unfair!

Schedule 3 days more this week (11am to 10 pm) with 2 hours long break! Die! Die! Die! Seem like 12 hours to me! So damn long I rather catch some sleep or go home early! Why need 2 hours break? 30 minutes or 1 hour is just enough for me!

I’m too busy too tired, scared to touch my PC, no games for me, no blogging! Our Singapore lifestyles are shit! That why is called Singapore – Sin in this island called a home! Do you till believe in god things!


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