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I got skin issues but looked normal. I don't have steady prints. My fingers prints will change after certain time. Good thing, I can change my identity! (Like, Secret Underworld Society) Disadvantages mainly at work, companies using Time Clock Fingerprint Sensor! 🙁 - 猪油 contamination! Unhygienic, everyone pressing on the same screen with naked skin! (Muslims ban it! I also don't like it.)

Long queue for clocking, press again and again, cannot pass! The people always made fun of me. Laughing loudly! Or said nasty things, jeopardized them missed their bus! So I always queued at the last!

Hate HR embarrassed me in public! No sensitive nerves care those in needs! No VIP special pass or passwords for those born, special. - Die of shame be Singaporean! Government unable protect their vulnerable citizens. Never made me feel like home.

What's caring society? 拿人家的痛苦, 开玩笑! Bullied by crazy people at work. Made my life imbalance! They're trying to stir things up! (No asthma, no knees pains, no Sensitive skin and no any ailment in their criteria, applying for jobs!) - Singapore is a Discrimination society! Everyone has a part to abuse others. They hate Sick people! (病儿) scared of responsibilities! Afraid somebody detected their products bad, unable make money! (黑商) That’s why they created many ridiculous nuisances!

Be honest is very bad thing in Singapore! Unbelievable, having Sensitive skin (Delicate like baby skin) also a bad thing to them even they provided gloves! Too overboard! Found a famous one in Singapore! - Living with thoughtless idiots, hypocrites, help me stop loving people.

“Don’t they buy any ‘Sensitive’ products for their family, loved ones?”

Lots of Harmful Unhealthy Products sold in the market!
(Not tested by Sensitive creatures!) 
*Nothing will be banned if no one sacrificed, gone through the pains...
Sensitive Skin
I’m a Live Tester of Bad products and Unclean environments without proper safety protection, save lives! -  I won’t die so easy like others, but I suffer.
I wish can migrate to a better place

Too many died innocently. Often hear the siren sound in my neighborhood and noisy funeral ceremonies, never have peace!

Due to Silent Killers sent to kill those having health problems! Invite pests, bird shits droppings everywhere (Even on your cars!)
Terrorists keep pigeons sending messenger!
Who knows terrorists keep pigeons sending messenger (Untraceable by authorities)

Hated the smell when the wind blows towards me. Government no action, just put the warning Fine banner for display.

Singapore not safe, secure! My neighborhood had very bad habit collecting rubbish piled up on my side, invite pests! Everywhere is a time bomb!
Neighborhood Time Bomb!
No Security concern! The sweepers, cleaners never report to their Town Council. - Sensitive people will be gone, soon! Destroyed by the fools!

Singapore 狗咬狗的, 伤人. 害人! 坏人多, 坏事. 假好人多的是! Devil World too great created disasters & security loopholes… hazards for your future.

The fools don't know lives are saved by Sensitive creatures! (Asthma saved lives from fire!)
Sensitive creatures keep quiet if you spot any hazards! Too many fools born on earth, no one appreciated you. Let the fools died of cancers, diseases, overdosing... and hazards! They had the slowest reaction to poisons, cannot sense the danger coming! They no sensitive sensors at all, that we have! They don’t know how much poisons they had taken.
Insensitive slowest response to Time 

Sincerity and understanding may be what people need today, in Singapore!

Dedicated to jokers who bullied and upset me. Made me angry!!!


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Another Employability Camp by E2i, 5 days @ELITC (Preparation to work in cleanroom @Edwards Lifesciences. A lesson sew on paper to roughly understand the concept!) But no train us handle 'Discriminations' should include in future! - The longest the course, greater the pains! One month long holiday! Pass for certs. again. Not for job!

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