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Gimmicks Salaries!

Interview experience very tiring from morning dragged to afternoon evening @Securitas. No free lunch for low-income group wasted my whole day interview one! “Wonder the sky so grey, today.”

Not work yet gave me stress, read their company's rules and took their tests, and signed lots of sheet of papers to acknowledge their agreement! But then came a strange piece of paper 不明显的一张纸 to acknowledge, made me considerate. (Not within Appointment Letter, not stapled together)

Stated lots of funny terms, 什么鬼东西 what 10% 70% 20% deduction from my total salary. Made the salary so complicated, not transparent and simple! - Something related to job mistakes procedures, complaints from clients or somebody, attendance not 100% full or late, deductions my salary!

Do they count, I sacrificed my time standby free for their people late @work?

Do Singapore no traffic jams, no family to care, no unexpected accidents happened?

Singapore pioneers hadn’t died yet. Cannot free from obligation, not to care! I most disadvantages, no one share my burdens made me a multi-tasker, lack of sleep! - Dangerous living with sick pioneers may help your pay got deducted!

Better including in their rules if I waited for latecomers. I can get the (hundreds of dollars) from gimmicks deductions! Then, worth waiting sacrificed my time, my sleep!

If they removed the gimmicks deductions (hundreds of dollars), then I start work already.

These gimmicks refreshed my bad memories, I almost suffered a heart attack got my salary deducted for studied courses in Singapore! Very dangerous working with people here. ‘No trust bonding!’ No love! - My journey is continually learning to have fun and work. But they destroyed everything! Always gave me Unhappiness…

Singapore companies nurture us be heartless!
Money is important than everything.
Money is important than everything.
Singapore companies practiced Gimmicks to favour them more, than their workers. Their policy ridiculous, practice deductions unreasonably! The money enough to buy a new toilet bowl or change a new set of windows, fix any broken parts in their old HDB pioneers’ home!

Singapore 狗咬狗的, 伤人. 害人! 坏人多, 坏事. 假好人多的是! Devil world too great created disasters & security loopholes… hazards for your future. (Common scenes in Singapore, paid actors, actresses (gossipmongers) will send by companies (play sided) play dirty games sabotage victims of society lost their jobs, or transfer to another place to save their costs.) Resulted in take-home pay lesser working 12 HOURS for companies free! - Like the terrorists, Paid Killers send to destroy others livelihoods!

My instinct told me, wrong. But the people here will make the wrong things (Their corrupted systems) became their rights! - Singapore lack ethics, sincerity (没诚意). “Singapore built by corruptions! Die of shame be Singaporean. Live without dignity and respect!”

Locals find jobs in Singapore very stressful, plus many gimmicks trick working cultures, not healthy to me. - No choice. No joyful working life living uncaring society in Singapore, work like cows!
No time to help. My company will deduct my salary!
No time to help. My company practice Pay Deductions.
Bad leadership created bad environments we living in! Singapore leadership never care their crews. Workers sure lost their motivation at work or (came late often). The main root of the problems came from corrupted companies practiced Pay Deductions.

If I complaint “Singapore Government associates related (Ministry of Manpower) very horrible, never truly (gave me assistance) do their best helping locals find better decent jobs, left their citizens behind for years without a stable job!” Will their salaries get deducted?

After this incident, I learn not to come early for interviews (better choose afternoon!) interviewers not efficient well-organized, always destroyed my planned trips. They arranged an appointment but they will give excuses... having their meetings, documents not prepared just to drag the time made you bored and tired.


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