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Singapore gloomy stuffy home environment made me sick! Feel like Sauna! Having difficulty breathing! Like heart beating inside my brain! (Singapore Standard windows endangered many… lives! Lots of nutcases leaded to health problems and death!) The air can kill plants! Damaged cells for prolonged living here! – Sadly, not much SG idiots knew that! That's why they continue created such environment!

I can sense the air flow differences at different rooms. Indeed makeover, did improved the room ventilation! But, Singapore workmanship sucks! Bad gift this year for my ‘Garden’ in Singapore pioneer’s HDB home!
Makeover Garden
My 1st unpleasant experience, contractors asked me count their ‘Defective’ products! (Paid them full amount) Broke their promises ran away from responsibilities!

Major discoveries by accidents! Singapore Licensed Contractors not honest! 不怀好心! 没水准! (Wicked! Targeting on aging population, having poor vision!) Singapore values proper channel, selling Inferior materials (新加坡瑕疵品!) 'Recycled' products to their customers, to save costs! – Very smart, hah!

Now what era? Their roughly made gluey drooling products (流口水的窗) no edgework finishing can cut into skin!
Singapore Defective Goods For Sold!
Singapore not perfect. 不完美! Don’t know what’s beauty! Theirs workmanship horrible! 没水准! Never meet my expectations. Living in Singapore corrupted city! Everything Ugly!

"It's Best! Defective products sold to the government! Since, Singapore government also defective ones!"

There should be Rating & Comments for all Services by the customers. Singapore stupid Nation! None exist yet! (Govt. helps everybody fall into traps!)

How can I trust HDB licensed contractors, in future? Since HDB, Singapore no protective measures from the actions of the ill-willed animals around me! Got such way helping villains encouraging them daring, cheating their consumers!

Indeed, very troublesome for elderly to lodge complaint against bad company/vendor! (SG old folks would gave up!) Victims of society would say, "Very troublesome. 算了, 算了. 新加坡是这样的!" – Singapore uncaring society, sit back watching shows!

“Singapore Smart nation! No One-Stop Service! (No simply paid by all cash!) Promoting Chinatown businesses! Directing me to different locations to buy (ACRA) 'Business Profile' ($6 @Crimsonlogic) and printing shops to print documents! No free assistance helping victims fill up forms. Made mistakes, rewrite claim form!” – Pioneers should experience 'Singapore Ugly!' Singapore spirits, "Your problem, not mine!"

“Hate Chinatown, took half of my day just to get the required documents to lodge a claim @Small Claims Tribunals! (Paid $10!)”

More ironic, they asked me to serve the legal 'Notice of Consultation' personally to the (黑店) bad company! (Ban technical use! What if, Villains 'Overseas'?) - When I told to my Pioneer what’s the happening, also said, "Something wrong with the government."

I'm sick of nuisance 废话 in Singapore. “Headache, see justice! No investigation on the spot, the moment I’d reported my case!” Govt. (related) not very efficiency! Playing parties! – Overall the services, not very professional! (没有服务水平!) Very unsatisfied! Gave me many inconvenience! Unbelievable, my case can drag for more than a month, to the next year!!!

What their evil intentions dragging my case for so long... Charge me more? Hope I forgot, then adapted to their Defectives!
Defectives part of Singapore life! Those served always be happy!
Psychological effects ‘Get used to it!’ Reminded me of Dr. always say to their patients, when they’d lost! "Be open a little. Life will not be so miserable!" (看开点.做人就不会痛苦了!)

Having bad mood living with idiots, not cooperative! Gave me problems! They didn't take my case seriously! ‘Singapore not one! Broken nation!’ - If you can't serve well to all... the people. Give it up!

I had a quote for Singapore, “If you did your jobs properly, nobody will hunt you!” – ‘Small Claims Tribunals’ my amulet! (The funny contractor suddenly changed!) But, he wasted my time, efforts and money complained him!

It provided a much-needed lesson ‘Develop sense of NO Trust!’ “Be harsh! Show off their awkward artwork as sample, searching for better contractors! Repeated my Story here...” – Singapore no skills can also get license too! [Read More]


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