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Hypocrites Show! 假假做个样!

Weakest strike can only see in Singapore! Smart ones use MC shield their excuses! They not united fight to the end! Not violent too peaceful… died out so soon! Simply, coaxing them like a child, aimed their weaknesses! (♥$) Histories repeated again! Kingdoms fall… offering free gifts! (Scroll down “Animals’ Corrupted Instinct!” gets answers! ‘Peace!’) Advertised themselves to lead them to better future! - All spies & enemies already knew! "Acting help you survive!"

Wonder why most heroes died out in Singapore!
Answer: Singapore not One! Not worth it! You’ll lock in jail or IMH!
(Like Facebook抹杀! Keep my posts invisible from public! Somebody reported Spam!) Singapore model like, 抹杀你的灵魂! 抹杀你的梦想! 抹杀……. Be Self-Centered! Valued history we must learn! “Don’t ‘Strike’ be heroes care for others! No one Care! 拍马屁的人 abundant!

See lah! Chinese strike! Scheme of Corruption Singapore government! Got excuses, unwilling cut their paid! These, our so-called good... leaders! Unfair to jobless!
Most idiots pitied the victims! Nobody care the killer actually hurt too deep!Actually, he ‘punishing’ hypocrite bastard idiots killed others’ big dreams, like him!

Please take notice those interviewed on television, most lack of intelligent analysis brains! “Stories can dictate! Fool idiots, make their images look good… Made killers looked ugly! If Animals discriminated sick! Handicapped, Aids, Whatever! “Don't expect they’re truly caring!” Hypocrites’ shows made us imbalance! Our society senselessly neglected us all!

Want to stone Evils! Singapore is the best place to stone missiles! They’re nurtured here! Traitors shouldn’t exist in this world!” Seriously, I’m willing to die with them! They deserved! They promoted Singapore failures!’

Silly law send them all who strike back home! So they will fear... After all, Singapore is paradise to them! Locals lived in hell… Who know!
中国人Chinese very大手笔花钱! Their style! They got bailed! Got their networks in Singapore!

Unlike, Singapore! Locals don't have such privilege! Government very stingy… provided ‘fake’ support! “They hope you become poor, sold all your property!” Seek help before when I was teen, adult and old… Singapore styles encourage you quit! Encourage you Die! Previous, torn of Angels with wings! 吃草吧! NI! Now, torn of human!
O blood type, ‘Carelessness’ type! Abundant in our society! Gimmick tricks taking advantage from weak, asked for free! Cos, no one ‘donate’ their bloody shits! Bless ‘negatives’ should exist to keep you idiots survive!

Advice: Don't let your only gene work in Government! Mostly, they died for nothing!

No positive in life! My negative dark sides always predict right! 没品德 companies sending message “Not to care your Family!” – ‘Hypocrite’ written on their faces!Don’t ask ‘silly’ questions, why so long didn't get job! The answer already inside you!” – Sick of getting hurt! They made me became ‘Hater!’ Narrow-minded! “Destroy them as they destroyed mine!” They got their networks, relationship connection! Discrimination! Race, Colors! Whatever! Corrupted!

Note: Employers no fear practice ‘End Your Contract!’ They only fear ‘burn’ down their companies! –They, the hypocrite bastard parents should teach their children ‘commit suicide’ what they’d done to me and others!

Don’t be deceived by Singapore Government! Also practice ‘End Service!’ 
Singapore very efficient help foreigners get jobs quickly! Not efficient help their locals get jobs easier! Simply open Job fairs, left the problems to you! Interviews conducted on the spot, not immediate hire! Wasted sheets, not practicing green! None done good deed! Unbelievable, they can drag you, years!  Show that your family not important! 你的生命不重要! Get it!” Let you dying home waiting… sit idly, brainwashed!
None of them wise enough, teach me fly! 真看不顺眼always putting hypocrite shows! Empty talk! Not helping! 这就是新加坡, 国民的烂人权! Rotten human rights! So‘Senseless’ neglected us all! 新加坡没有好心人! 只有假好人! Hypocrites Singapore!

Hate Singapore keeps me waiting for invisible hopes! Didn’t improve our lives! Cos, they hired Black Sheeps! ......作事! No one is professional! Any how direct!” Without seeing a doctor yet! Referred me to IMH with a referral letter! Ruined my life! (Time Can Return: Seek For Better Doctors!) + No professional like Blogger. Now, no more OK! ‘Track my pageviews’ no more accurate!

Even Singapore weather change! Raining Season feels so warm! Not much rain! On the fan! Global warming! Not everyone practice Green! Fake promoting Green! “Die! Die! Die! Your future generation Die!I predicted! Everything will change!
My gene such a loner! So, I ‘Buy ♥!’ (Learn from Singapore uncles cannot get wives! Bought from outside!) But, my gene ‘Pretended’ in love…! Made me start to worry his future!
Singapore no good. 没有好人, 都是演出来的! Just for show!
Everything Fake! 好假! Stuck with your enemies! Whether you happy, or not!


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