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Animals’ Corrupted Instinct!

Muslims never admit their wrong doing, helping each other corrupting! – One eye closes, let their own kind go! (Nuts In My Company Driving Me Nut! 见识过了! Taught me see colors!) Talk it out online, no fairness in customer service! Surprised many unreasonable/retarded talking! Can’t see wise give me advice!
Sense from above, transmitted to me… “Humans don’t do good job without money!”
Thanks you animals helped me decode thing! Maybe she’s not deaf! Blind spot helped her cover crime Sin, trying to piss me off without receipt, so she can keep the money without enter in! Good warning for Companies lost money, cos corrupted benefit!

Muslims fasting got many versions, having menstrual period can spare from fasting! Never lose weight, no repent till smoking! Eat and drink in toilets, their ‘Secret Weapon’ cos no one will notice! And doing ‘less work’ get somebody takes over doing more work! Bad month every year, many lives will be lost for offering! They have natural penis useful skin, but they practice to lose it ‘Circumcision Without Right!’ (Transgender may original from them cos they lost their penis!) That’s why we have sissy marching to suit their need! Need to rely on others genetics structures, help them win! Cos theirs DNA genes very slow… weak and lazy…
No need apologies if you lost, they should appreciate thank you, your genetics structures help them fight for their pride! Pity they hardly have... maybe mix-breed!

Naked Squats’ also very fame on Earth, everyone knew! They’re despicable, daring raping many Chinese and silent them during Indonesian pervert riots! And hope everyone will forget it! (They do lie, created their own stories! Rewrite their own histories covered their Sin, just like Japanese!) – “Never forget never forgive those attacked ‘vulnerable’ innocents! Yellow skin the most raped in histories, cos they were the most attractive creatures in the world! Most men prefer ‘fairer skin, not interested in 'muddy brown' skin! Unless, they’re very sexy..! No worry stealing your Muslim women, they hate your very old-fashioned nutty Circumcision! It considers animals’ abuse, against all natural!

They don’t know True Love… Qing ! They buy love! Ruined many young girls can be their daughters! Marry many wives and popping many lives! No one on earth can compete! Except, China ‘pervert’ kings!
No woman likes to share husband! Unless she’s belonged to a type! “I don’t mind my husband have many wives! It helps me lighten many burdens and less sex performance often! As long he feed me, OK liao!”

Hopeless women fall into their traps! No choices in their time! Should like many others who had converted to other religions with love... or Free Thinker! Actually, men’s fault playing on others’ wives and killed them without right, not the first time! – Killing women not a big issue to them! Wonder the woman pregnant? Kill more lives!    
Men never admit they’re truly ‘Sex Addict! The most can found on Earth of their kind! In any case involved female death, regardless of ages! Don’t easily believe men’s stories! Most were raped, silent to death!

Men like to see women skin, expose meat! Raping and cause mentally retarded pregnant! That’s their animals’ instinct! They want sex, free..! They put their seeds and ran away from Sin! “Blame your Father, not your depressed Mother!”
Not all ladies so… noble, willing to accept ‘bastard! So, they were abandoned, killed! Died in bin or feed to wild animals! (Dogs! Crocs! Best ways destroy evidence, their enemies’ bastard!)

Muslims are very old-fashioned, cannot abortion! So many women suffered! No modesty on Earth, even in civilized world!
Many Babies Hatch from box! – “No shame if you are responsible parents! That’s my opinion!”
Orphans came from Sex Addictirresponsible parents! Their DNA messy can prove related to each other, like brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters having sex together!
Warnings: Check your DNA relationship before sex or marry! This world really messy! They don’t use DNA tests catch their own culprits! Muslims many hidden ugly truth cannot be name spread in public, their weakness, theirs own shames! (家丑不可外扬!) That’s the reason never let Muslims rule the world, their silly laws will cause many suffer! Deprive their children enjoying the fresh air, the nature! Cos they belonging to Barbarian World…

They like wolf dressed in sheep's clothing to deceive you! (狼穿着羊皮骗大家!) Disguise as women their expertise! Good use for terrorism, not easy detected! Their culture protects them from Sin! (Mas Selamat can escape, cos got helpers and security loopholes!) Learn disguise them if you in deep trouble! Even these days, women can be very fake! They like to cover up their ugly scars, skin diseases, nasty hair, head lice, and ‘bald’ head! Don’t expect grass cover with sheet for long… can grow healthy! They will wither and grow fungus!” They often need to work in air-condition environments, cos they can’t take heat! The only benefit no washing hair daily, avoid dust, headache! (头风!) Only perfumes can make them smell good…

Singapore cannot buy wives, satisfy all men appetite! They rather buy Sex, mistresses! But, Singapore expose name of the criminals, Sex scandals! Different from Muslim religion culture in other countries, always hidden!

Now Singapore, 神经病! Awful perverts career moves like women wearing less! So can see underneath!
Truly males more values ($) in many jobs compared to females! Don’t expect women find jobs easy these days without any direct assistant! Transgender also have problems finding decent jobs in Singapore!

Men no different from women, they also like enlargement! Increase their penis size! (Pains in women!) Always received many Spam… all kind Men’s Secret Weapon products powerful charge, colorful drugs can order online! Men never wise up! Tempting advertisements traps created for them to fall in!
(How do send easily with just 1 click to whole World? I also want to send, mine!)

Man Can’t Live Without Sex!

Corruption will happen in any countries, even in small dot Singapore!

Do you know why Singapore can onward and progress Prosperity? Here our Secret Weapons!

Methods for all kingdoms bring Prosperity and Peace!
  1. Killing! (Barbarian way!)
  2. Puppet leadership! (Don’t kill the leader, make good use of it!)
  3. Religions/Gods (Religions kill! Addicted cannot destroy! Or, more lives will be lost!)
  4. Food, interests or possession of any things! (E.g Women, lands…)
  5. Adoption, mix-breed! (Love… Qing !)
Discoveries of Singapore's Success Story: 

Muslims attack, everything will fall! They’re selfish, mainly care their own… That’s their natural instinct! They like ‘Piece’ for their enemies! They will affect the rich people businesses progressing! So, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew (the cunning wise man) used the ‘Puppet leadership!’ method! – A Malay Muslim (Bookworm) was chosen be our first President of Singapore, during our grandfather Barbarian days! So Muslims will give less trouble!

Actually, our Singapore flag simplified from Islamic symbolic! – A Crescent moon with a star split into five! (Show we are different animals!) Bloody Hell Sea of blood of hardship, all would be gone empty blank, white! (空白!) But, many Archaeologists (考古学家) didn’t know this! I’m the only revealing the curses of our hidden truth! Confirm designed by Muslim, cos they don’t like complete Moon!

Others races like Peace… They didn’t like to fight cos many lives had lost! (Singapore Racial riots in 1964!) At that time, Singapore was a state in the Federation of Malaysia. To blend into their community, gave them face! Singapore National Anthem was in Malay, and used in Army! So Malay Muslims can pass easy in their language, because they’re not smart in many things! That’s the result of Singapore's success story get Prosperity and Peace quick than any countries, and cos we are small dot city actually…

“If I’m a Malay Muslim I won’t be so… selfish! Don’t mind singing International language!” Most of us modern Singaporeans reciting, don’t know what we sing, learn extra harder than them! Like most New Singaporean Citizens cannot sing, pretend sing (moving lips) as somebody will sing for them, cos not International English!

We have many 'brainwashing' sessions!
China made great progress than many developing countries, have many golden opportunities! Now, yellow skin in Singapore have to learn back Chinese, cos many had lost it!Singapore systems corrupted weaken us all!

Truly, our Singapore companies systems sucks didn’t keep record interviewed the same jobs! No call for recruiting! They created their very own kind social network, 'fake' promotions! No connection to all! Singapore corrupted with ineffective people pretending workdidn’t do good jobs, help us find job! Ruined your life, your family and everything! 我讨厌新加坡!不顾我死活! No hanging of flag! No equality among us!
The world is mine! I'm a lonely Earthling... studying animals and their genes on my Mother Earth, and transmit to other Aliens’ World!Humans’ Sin so many and lame totally! Never get better!


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