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Singapore Unprofessional In Many Ways!

Changing new water meters in my neighborhood displeased me! Unequality made us the different! They won’t change my old stop cock to new! Only for my neighbors! Because my pipe didn’t burst! Wonder I always think of negatives, my old stop cock rusty poisoning me!

Unbelievable, they didn’t have plan B, C or D! (I’ve seen this happened in schools and Shopping Centres! You try to save, others try to waste, made you paying higher bill!)
They let it leaking for more than an hour before I gone for another unsuccessful jobs fair, always met the same people. Hate the 6 and 12 lack of sleep retarded jobs that’ll give you numb sensation, diseases and stroke!

My smart Muslim neighbor returned home, mended his new stop cock to the direction same as mine!

Because he wanted to build his castle! Though, it was illegal! But, Singapore corrupted they’ll help each other! – Hypocrite liars always pretend work!

My neighbor filled up his water meter loophole, think I didn’t know! Bad design animals can take! – A simple test knows your neighbors better!
Sad…Truly No Real Man In Singapore! Like to fight with women! Trouble me to contact PUB to cover my loophole!

Our government do hired a lot black sheep don’t bother to check any thing amiss! Not their responsibility! Expect us to complain! No surprise, nobody will care; can leave it for many months leh!
Our securities got loopholes! Many came from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China or other Nationalities, those can speak English also work in security! Don't expect secure! Locals also control by them! Too late for Singaporeans to fight with them! 我国没救!

Singapore unprofessional in many ways! My first time applied "U Stretch Vouchers Programme 2012" online on the earliest day! Their abnormal website cannot instant update when Edit, need days!

I saved it Draft, only can View/Edit. Trouble finding submit button, assume can View, then submit!
Call their hotline. But, had hard time get reply check my application submitted. Their telephone operators tried to fool me, one gave me unsatisfied answer, another funny told me their system was down… but never call back, even I had given my number! I’d feedback to given online. 2 days later redirected me to repeated my story! (Tip: Our Singapore politic office culture will drag you for days! It will be best if you sent to 2 parties or more! They will render help faster leh!)

Our government always created unnecessary steps to submit application. It’s meaningless to click View, because Edit also can view! To submit must click Edit,

Then, click Next,

Then, click Submit! After that the Status will show Processing
Worst than my Email box can send directly so easy, leh!

They not so thoughtful, always trouble us to collect the ‘U Stretch Vouchers’ worth S$100 at inconvenient location need to take bus and train!

Perhaps, I didn’t vote them! Last year, no reply! They can simply destroy my application even meet the criteria! Who can protect poor people who didn’t receive it? That’s gave me a hunch our government sectors also corrupted! Made me be kiasu (fear of losing) so I submitted in two!  – Through their ‘abnormal online system and mail by post! Don’t tell me sent wrong address, should ask the postmen! My mum and I double checked!

Our Singapore Government is a picker, not helpful and thoughtful kind… save some, while abandon the rest! That’s our Singapore human right, poor become poorer, rich become richer! Dirty businesses in our charities help our low-income families!

In Singapore, people will take the opportunities to promote themselves good…

If you want to show off, drive something more creative!

These how Singapore get their donations through media to get attention! Might influence children to murder their parents to pursue their dreams, earn money quick!
I don't have free education during difficulty times! I get assistance in a very hard way! They're till lucky and richer than my single family, got guardians’ guide! Should experience working and study like me, until you got ‘Depression!’ Then, you will know money hard to earn! McDonald the best example of all hired a lot Filipinos controlling locals’ working time short or no work at all, even working Full time job! The bonus you get, they’ll cut it back, and earning almost the same, or less! No pay rise! Don’t be shocked of Singapore work life harsh culture; another way makes you quit earning less!

So… difficult, be humans! Singapore Government truly can’t afford all elderly, that’s why old people need to work! I till need my mother above 60 supporting me! Because, most employers in Singapore ‘heartless’ treated ‘Depression’ as disease!  
  If you’re an unspeakable poor, people will not care about you, they’ll let you die…!
No good friends, when talk about money! Most people will run away when asking donations on the street! Not everyone will receive positive help and encouragement! Either do crimes to survive, or commit suicide! Because Singapore Government never generous, they always pretend helpful! – My third try this year! They will not give any financial help as long you have bit of saving!

The rich people also rob others in an unprofessional way! As usual, I signed up the cheapest SingNet Broadband Unlimited (Mio+Home line+Internet) with the help of their operator. But this year different gave me trouble, extra charges of (Security Suite S$4.67 + Store & Share S$7.48) for not using! And extra charge of S$15 for movies I didn’t purchase, every month! Because it’s not bundle! Confused me for these 3 basic promotion most common! Force me to watch their movies every month, or my S$15 waste! Must reasoning with them, or they’ll continue robbing! Improper business in Singapore fooling consumers!
Someday, somebody will try to save their cost use the (Salting Me!) method won’t cost a dollar to fool the idiots customers, paying higher cost!

Silly laws in Singapore, people can do bad things secretly! Liars everywhere! Don’t deceive or poison your children! Stories, histories, announcements can create lies! Anyone can be Gods control others destiny! I'm too… hungry to protest! Lack of nourishment! I should name myself 'God!' God bullied! God neglected! God is dying!

What you’d learned will soon be gone…and wasted all! Brainwashed staying at home for very long! I’m sick of interviews, always unsuccessful! North East Community Development Council always take their very slow pace helps us find jobs! Or, no good job offer at all! Perhaps, massage gee jobs now popular via SMS (UGotJob.SG), the only connection with jobseekers from Government!

When will my misery life end soon? Don't be so judgmental idiots! Read my blog the real truth! I always protest! But, my government doesn’t care even sent to them, they always catch and fine others rest! Because mine not hoax, lor!


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