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Life So… Cheap In Security!

No security companies willing to sponsor and upgrade me! Have to wait 1 year, sign bond, and depend on my performance! So, I paid myself, studied part of the “Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision” course at (

The course price for "Supervise Security Officers" was cheaper than SII (less than S$100!) But the time duration longer, 3 days instead of 2.5 days! – The trainer wanted us pass the tests, so gave us extra training! The notes sheets given shorter than the 2 basic licensing modules, less than 30, more challenge not so too silly. (Easier study course in short days!) Warning: lf you want to study here (, sit far away from the trainer. Because he’s a very loud speaker! He hurt my hearing!

Attended the course not so happy, a very superstitious, arrogant male chauvinist Chinese around 50, handicapped wearing specs, made me angry! In class didn’t show his evil side, but role plays shown his ugly thing! He likes to dominate people in role plays! Even my other partner couldn’t stand him; he too quiet easy bullied! I not satisfied with him; asked him be cooperative! He told me “You die if I become your supervisor!” – Too few good men! Feel this city corrupted! Got money can upgrade fast, bully others! Cannot argue with me, he went out smoking! Left my partner and me role plays in a small room! So unhappy he came back again after his smoke! I said he’s very smelly, he scolded me again! – Unreasonable man always wore superstitious necklace and bracelet! Hope all tortured ghosts will follow him! Take note of him (named “Yang”), tried to be boss bully others! Actually, I no need role plays; I can summon my imaginary friends play with me!

Didn’t know why all trainers always put me last when taking tests! Perhaps, all men like women wait, so they can fail easily! (Cannot concentrate because the class so noisy!) I thought same as SII came very early in class (before 9am!) and waited until noon! Lucky, my partner who role plays with me not coming, and many took MC! So, I no need to wait for long… – Learn from Singapore not prepare, take “Medical leave!” So can pass easy!

The test not so bad, my assessor skipped some of it (saved my trouble role plays many), just said all the main points, that’s it! However, some similar questions had removed from the notes, but my assessor tested it on me! Lucky, I read before! No need to “pay” for Appeal, if I not satisfied the tests! Learn a lesson don’t trusted humans! Always lying!

Note: If I marked in any survey all “Excellent”, none will be true! Why? Because the trainers made me do so! Save their asses, lor! – The stupidest survey in Singapore! It also true in my mum work place! Can’t complain those above them! People in power tried to play cheat, what can you do, all stupid bosses? – Not like Facebook, survey done online, nothing can fool their management! We should learn from them!

I started work soon after I had completed my course! My MC Queen back completed her mission got me a job in my neighborhood! (Offered by the company mentioned above) No improvement in my life! No increase in my salary had to work longer days and hours, gave up everything my enjoyment I had before! – So tiring to be human! My total salary divided into several parts! – now my basic S$650, Attendance plus other incentives, total added about S$1500, 12hrs shift, only 4 off days per month! (Actually that the total amount used to be my basic salary for 5 days 8hrs shift, in my old days!) – In short, for security’s salary, if I did anything wrong, deduct from my salary! (Good… to scare my mother, so she will wake me up early!) Even my 2 set uniforms also need to pay. (Wasted water and detergent washes my uniform daily! Should wear my uniform for 2 days, stink all men away! No sun to dry my clothing, animals lived above throw rubbish!) No new shoes and belt given paid my own…! – Our security in Singapore, so stingy!

I’m not “vegetable” grow in the greenhouse! Never expect I worked in Sauna Job, at the main lobby in school, with roof transparent” on top! Hotter than my home with no air–con! Made me sweated and my clothing wet! First time seen in Singapore! Lucky some dead leaves covered me!

I also assigned to another hot place, stayed the whole day! No Guardhouse, no fan, only sheltered under a staircase! No plants and trees dancing in the wind, Feng Shui no good! Hate my color skin always changing, I’m a zombie hated the sun in the afternoon! Feeling sad… Lucky, today rain again!

My new president Dr Tony Tan who pledges to work for all s'poreans regardless of whom they voted for, experience it! I guarantee you will get sunstroke! (Just looked at your pamper face and your body structure!) Don’t expect our government will truly care! Our Northeast CDC didn’t bother even I’d complained!

The facilities (air-con) mainly for the rich enjoyed themselves only! Somehow wonder what the humans’ religions had taught, they don’t have any feeling to feel others pain! Believe In Sin! Singapore is filled with too many bad things! Now, people lack of common senses to care about their workers’ welfare! Humans till can’t feel, bring their precious animals on the spot, then people will said “Animals abuse!”

Take notes for comfort security job! (But, difficult find in Singapore! Good jobs had taken all!):
·         Proper shelter, no transparent roof on top! (Got air-con the better!)
·         Proper toilets for girls no need share with dirty men! (Got choices the best! But, mostly for men!)
·         Avoid morning shift! A lot of animals’ problems! (Night shift no need suffer under sun!)
·         Duty roster/bosses treated you “fair and square!” (But, I hardly met one!)
·         Have personal locker the best! (But, my idiot company didn’t provide! No secure, easy poison security!)
·         Mosquitoes and others insects. Alert!
·         And loopholes everywhere!

My environment in Singapore is polluted with smoke! (Humans addicted, can’t live without!) No more air-con, back to old generation time! No more “normal” 5 days work week for me! My time and sleep had taken by all sucking pigs!

I’m watchful while you sleep!

I having a boring time, slow in everything… Now, I know why jobs so boring! – Created by human beasts!


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