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Screening For The Truth, For Morons!

I shared to everybody, Eda Leong “Unfriend” me on the day I posted this (Bad Period)
The very thick skin Eda Leong lost her face already removed her photo and scolded me again! She’s angry with me I informed everybody the true thing! – Caused her declined, not much people liking her. I want to reply back but she’s blocked me! Go ahead change everything, start a new again!
This is our professional discriminated people who had sick! Now I had very bad impression of her! Don’t try act to be a good person, you’re such a good liar, had already seen my info, blog and knew everything! My evil witch made me sick, trying to make me less social! Whatever how high your qualification is, people lack of moralities, already low to me! Just remember one day you will sick too! If you think I’m very sick, ask your Gods see doctor too, Gods willing die and suffer for you because they also have “Depression” too!

You should appreciate a hermit like me start talking to humans again! And appreciate I blogged on you, it very difficult for any to get into! I also have people played funny or seduced me, sneaked into my Facebook changing their photos and names, think I can’t recognize them. I didn’t “Unfriend” them because they’d shown me interesting things, the true world is, or I till stuck in my dungeon, don’t know anything!

I think these morons want me to repeat saying again! “I had been in IMH for treatment for having “Depression”, 10 years ago! Too bad at that time got IMH, no other choices for me! But funny I scored merit after I had recovered, studied 2 years diploma only, for a poor like me can go so far! Must be something very wrong with the education lor!

Perhaps, I’m sick. Recovered and sick again! Because of you people sick like her existed cyber-bullying others! Saying discriminated things! Unbelievable MOE hired her! Perhaps she’d also playing the part caused teens suicides in Singapore (

Perhaps, students did seek help but the educationists like her trying to hide somewhere else! Saying nasty things to hurt their victims! – “No time for stupid people, cannot catch up! Get help see IMH! Or encouraged people not to get close to sick! Stay away from troubles!” Another follower related left on the same day. Just an obedient dog “hacker” had already learned to cover his face!
Careful! If you married him! Will you be affected if your friend is sick, but your elderly and friends ask you to leave?

Another moron true story, morons believed the nutty! :
Thai teen’s family sues SMRT for S$3.4 million (
S$5,000 to Thai girl for goodwill, not compensation: SMRT (
Medical bills paid for Thai girl (
Seen them in media newspapers, celebrating their achievement and their glory! Her very positive smile reminded me the patients in IMH! Full of them mentally retarded lost their freedom locked up, keep on smiling to themselves because they’d lost their mind already! Glad, I had asked for a transfer to a higher class, not so comfortable with them, as I till had common sense thoughts with me! – Not happy, don’t smile or laugh unnaturally! You should explore the lunatic world, a world I had been through it!

My intuition told me that the Thai teen’s family just wants more money! “Money can’t buy happiness!” But for them money can buy! Will you be so happy like them if you or your loved ones lost their parts? There're so many poor families and handicapped people in Singapore till begging hard in the streets! Strange, no one help them so generously!

There a distance from the yellow line, even you fainted not easy falls into the tracks. Unless you rolled/jumped into and too close to it! Why people stand beyond the yellow line, even have big clear picture signs shown everywhere? Perhaps, they’re blind or drunk or retarded! Or they’re very eager to fight for seats! – People not yet come out; they’re trying to get in! Or just for others motive purposes! – Commit suicide, pick things dropped into the tracks, but should ask the officers do it! Or just want compensations! Sue! Sue! Sue! – Desperate foreigners earn money in a quick way only if you dare be killed by trains, learn from her skill in falling into tracks become handicap! (Strange no video shown, how she did. Perhaps, scare many Copycats!) Choose crowded place and obedient children the best, to gain more compassions and sympathies! Because there’ll always have morons give you very high pay so no need to work again! You can use money unwisely as you wish to enjoy and do bad deeds! Congratulation! Their goodwill created many Sins! Encourage many desperate Copycats to jump track! Even if they’d died; the donations would help their families greatly! (Mainly benefit foreigners!) – No equality and fairness in our communities! Or perhaps, these rich evil sinners acted to be kind, just want others feel jealous and envy others who can get it!

Our authorities too slow to take action even incidents had happened many times about people killed by trains in Singapore! We should have clear mind, be more cautious, common sense to stay away when train approaching, and we know it! But, those don’t have they get close! Security guards must always standby! Barriers must be built quickly because desperate people will fall into it again! Migration officers should educated and give them “Common Sense Safety Cautious Tests” before invited them in! Too many excuses, don’t know! Careless mistake, even have pictures shown! Even our children know! SMRT must “Fine” those who trying to play funny, purposely stand beyond the yellow line, it will help a lot to gain back your money lor! Guarantee will happen again if you do nothing! – Elderly woman killed by train at Yio Chu Kang ( Abused and neglected from our society! Should learn from this wise old man, desperate people! No Gods can help, without action! – Man robs bank for $1 ( No need become handicap or died in tragedy! Most people hate it when I posted this (We’re Not Prepared To Live!) they will block it! But, you should admit it! They’re rejected and turned to crimes! Not totally their fault! Since our Governments and the people incapable to meet our needs!

Don’t worry Eda Leong till alive! She’s stubborn enough to live to spread virus and diseases about me! – Stay away from the sick! Better don’t let sick people vote for any, since “Discrimination” truly exists! What the point searching for jobs since our society “Discriminate” people already! They don’t have good eyesight, lacking in good senses and judgment, always hired black sheep! Who will admit they are black sheep in our society trying to act kind! Screening for the truth every time just look into their eyes, what will your children be like in the future! – Lack of moralities, dishonest, become another nutty! Should “Invention of Honesty!” stop wearing masks, be true to yourself all the time!

Don’t be so naive people, humans are complicated you can’t imagine! They’re willing to give up something to achieve! Or, there’re no bad things happening! – Kids had been used by adults to do bad things! – Depend on skills to fake, just like magic tricks! Kids had been trained to use weapons, while we’re till crawling with books and enjoying entertainments in city! There’re people willing to sell their kidneys, their parts for money! And other things you can’t imagine! Terrorists willing to give up their lives to achieve something, they don’t afraid to die! They had “Prepared” to lose something! Only those afraid of pains don’t understand enjoy pains! Just remember, if you don’t like something, there’ll always somebody like it! If you’re afraid of something, there’ll always somebody don’t afraid of it! That’s what good about this world, complete something you had missed!

When I can find my other part complete me, can feel my thoughts and my feelings! Gods should compensate all… I had lost it!

I’m not good, and not bad. I’m just stuck! In between the good in my dream and the bad on Earth, become a nutty!


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