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Steal From Me Again!

I’m not a meat-eater, but I learn to eat. My care lover said I will grow big and stays healthy. But I knew every living thing have theirs own thoughts and dreams! We just don’t understand their world, though we live on the same Earth! Because, we never learn to feel what they’re thinking! We hurt them lot because they’re easy to bully!

I’m not a mute! I lost my voice, having sore throat talking to you! You people are idiot, so I hardly talk! I always use my thoughts to talk! Read my thoughts without talk!

I don’t smile, my happiness gone! My life, my privacy, fun and play had stolen all! No partner for me, no one is free, no time in everything! No maid cleans my dirty home for free! Work all alone, so tiring! Who will care and spare me!

My heart breaking into pieces, every time I fall! Every time I fail! I learn to be self-centered, be selfish because no one caring, helping! I lost my morality, no more feeling for others who suffering! As everyone did the same things! Life is all about stealing, just to eat to stay alive! Stole my credits and my dreams! Only work occupy my whole life! Earning a few pennies living a humble life! And never spare me when I died, steal every part from me!

Share, please!

No! All belonged to me!

Read me! Bread is my life! Don’t you ever steal it from me! (You can ignore my neighbors’ noises but it blended in with my video clip and it free!)

Who will be like me, students taught gone so quick! Steal away my hard work in fast speed! Start all over again, every time!


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Devils Everywhere

Another Employability Camp by E2i, 5 days @ELITC (Preparation to work in cleanroom @Edwards Lifesciences. A lesson sew on paper to roughly understand the concept!) But no train us handle 'Discriminations' should include in future! - The longest the course, greater the pains! One month long holiday! Pass for certs. again. Not for job!

Having a wonderful 2 days tour visited Edwards Lifesciences (1st day sew cow skin, 2nd day sew fabrics). Affordable varieties of food my favor in a stylish clean spacious canteen! $17 NETS FlashPay card given, easy payments! But still got many workers brought their food placed in the canteen. (Like junk storeroom with colorful packaging!) Don’t they afraid Perverts (Devil Minded) poisoning their food to get… cancers, diseases? In return, helped Authorities gain more $profits when you sick! (Singapore too many bad news related to perverts!)

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Not all accounts got options login using another email! As usual many... years, I left it idle for few months after expiry! (Till can sms, but cannot call! If I needed call, just top-up that all!) – Poor people friendly service! Now, no More! Adjust to new conditions! Everything changed!

No serious warning SIM Card inactive will charge fee!!! They just immobilized me due to no Top-up made!!!”

Made me tenser (confusing me) after received an email no solution to get back my number, simply replied "…you can walk in any hello shop to apply for a new prepaid card with SingTel." – Singtel did not update their customer's needs! (Repeated my story talking to different parties!) No instant email (took days… reply!)

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I got skin issues but looked normal. I don't have steady prints. My fingers prints will change after certain time. Good thing, I can change my identity! (Like, Secret Underworld Society) Disadvantages mainly at work, companies using Time Clock Fingerprint Sensor! 🙁 - 猪油 contamination! Unhygienic, everyone pressing on the same screen with naked skin! (Muslims ban it! I also don't like it.)

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