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Chinese Opera

My aunt invited my family to watch a Cantonese Opera yesterday night. My mum made me to go, near our Community Club and it was free! Never see my aunt acting on stage, never know she can sing! (Picture 2 show her dressed in blue acting)

This was my 1st time watch opera live on stage, not from TV! There no acrobatic fighting just singing and dancing art form. All I used my imagination because I don’t know what they’re singing but I did enjoy the show!

What unique about this opera was, mainly performed by plump old folks. Audience also mainly attended by most old folks! New generation don’t appreciate this kind of art. Perhaps they are not talented to learn. That what unique and special about this art, no one able to copy it!

I was attracted to their colorful painted faces that reminded me of “Tang Yuan” (round colorful balls in soup). And with their big staring wide lively eyes, and their colorful costumes! They looked like live beautiful dolls acting on stage!

Since our government don’t preserve culture thing! Better soon somebody promote this culture making “Opera Dolls” with built-in chip that can sing and with interpreted note in it! For culture education purpose need! Might be a way to arouse interest promote culture things! – Collection Chinese Opera Dolls! Or someday, it might be gone, displayed in the museum lor!

Some pictures of the Chinese Opera taken yesterday. Front seats already occupied by old folks. My handphone cannot take good pictures, sat too far! Pictures looked like painting!
Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3 

Free ticket to the Opera show!


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